Möbius Strip (Thru My Fingers)

Today I released a new song called "Möbius Strip (Thru My Fingers)." You can listen and download it:


It has received love from the good people over at Paste, Indie Shuffle, Yewknee, and The Music Ninja.

artwork by the silent giants.

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Brake lights, in two infinite rows, converge in a line 
disguised as the way home. 
Ignoring your signs, 
I idealized in my mind, it's why 
you slipped right through my fingers. 
New life poured out of your lungs 
a simple idea, but spoken in tongues 
that I'll try hard to decode 
while passing the time on the infinite drive 
back to the place you came to arbitrarily refer to 
as the center of the start. 
I'll be back in your heart. 
Better get used to the concept. 
You slipped right through my fingers. 
The signs say nothing at all. 
And time, I watch it slow to a crawl. 
The signs might be a lie 
but for you, well... 
I'll drive and drive and drive and drive and drive