Sinking Islands

Today I am (more officially) announcing the availability of Sinking Islands.

It is a 10 song album/mix tape/singles collection/whatever you want to call it, consisting of the first 8 singles I released since starting Absofacto, plus two brand new songs, all remastered to sit nicely together.

You can listen and download it...



It features new artwork from the unstoppable Chris Everhart of the Silent Giants, which you just looked at unless your eyes do a kind of weird thing where you see text but not images.

If you just want the two new tracks (with full "pay what you want"), go here and here.

The remastered versions have been added to All the Songs, and there are still a couple posters left, and plenty of t-shirts.

If you already bought the first 8 tracks and just want to update your collection with the remasters, email me and I'll send you a link.

If you love this music, please share it with your friends.  It makes my world go 'round.  You can let people listen to the whole thing using the "Share" link in this player: